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Inequality Image 0AFRODAD attended the Pan-African Gathering on the Fight against Inequality

AFRODAD attended the Pan-African Gathering organized by the Fight Inequality Alliance (FIA)...


We were in Arusha (Tanzania) from 14th to 17th April 2018.

This gathering is in line with AFRODAD's 7th value "Solidarity: AFRODAD shall work in partnership with others to promote an Africa that is free from poverty and where development gains are shared equitably among all".

A paragraph from the host

The nascent Pan-African Fight Inequality Alliance is part of the global Fight Inequality Alliance. It shares the vision that connects local/national struggles to the collective African struggles, especially of women and youth. It is committed to work in solidarity with and in African peoples for peace, justice, and dignity. “Our struggles are connected and the future we want, the Africa we want, is ours to dream and make real. A Luta Continua!”  

So how is this relevant to AFRODAD’s work?

Quoting from our 2017 annual report: Our work doesn’t stop at research, conferences, meetings or various other activities that we execute... though these activities are always geared to influencing governments and touching peoples’ lives as the end result. When we say we want governments to borrow responsibly or when we look at how domestic resources can be harnessed and protected, our focus is usually on the poor and the most vulnerable. We work towards the eradication of poverty and hunger. We want governments to move from too much debt that they are not able to repay, so they can start handling their mandate of providing their citizens with clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequalities and so on.

Another inequality battle in which AFRODAD is heavily involved in is the fight against illicit financial flows which are activities that makes Africa loose more than $50 billion to tax havens mostly in developed countries whilst Africa’s struggles seem hopeless and millions and millions people in Africa live an undignified lives which some even miserably die from.

I like the quote that was shared during one of the sessions: “The power of the people is stronger than the power”.

Fidélité Nshimiyimana.

AFRODAD’s Communication Coordinator.