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Location: Central or Western Africa
Reports to: Senior Policy Analyst

The African Forum and Network on Debt

The African Forum and Network for Debt and Development (AFRODAD) in partnership with the Centre for Economic and Policy Priorities (CEPP) is holding the AFRODAD 2nd Regional

On the 28th and 29th August 2017, AFRODAD organized two workshops in Kinshasa, in partnership with the Southern Africa Resource Watch  (SARW) and the Center for Strategic Studies

AFRODAD believes that success in mobilizing domestic resources as a primary source of financing development in Africa hinges on combating illicit financial flows (IFFs) and addressing the ‘natural resource curse’ cataclysm

How to Deal with Major Challenges Related to the Management of Public Debt in the Central African Region

It is in a rainy but warm town of Douala in Cameroon that the regional conference on debt in central Africa took place, from 8th to 9th August 2017 at Bano Palace hotel.