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debtThe thematic goal of our Debt Management Portfolio is to “to contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable debt policies and practices in Africa”. African countries debt sustainability continues to be threatened by falling commodity prices, a slowing Chinese economy, declining global demand for exports and the absence of a fair, transparent sovereign debt restructuring mechanism. It is for these reasons that we continue to urge governments to initiate measures to mitigate the risk through prudent management of debt resources and transparent loan contraction processes. In 2016, a number of activities were implemented which registered huge impact.
Strategic Objective 1: To improve government transparency and accountability on public debt     borrowing.
Strategic Objective 2: To contribute to the establishment of a Fair and Transparent international     sovereign debt restructuring mechanism
Strategic Objective 3:     to strengthen inclusive, transparent and accountable public debt     borrowing and loan contraction processes
Strategic Objective 4:  To influence effective management of public domestic debt     resources by African governments